Dark Circles Under Eyes: 5 Causes and When To See Doctor

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Dark circles under eyes causes for many reasons. 


It is a common misconception for people to believe that dark circles are the result of tiredness and lack of sleep. Dark under-eye circles can also be the result of allergies or aging, among others.

Dark circles under the eyes can appear blue, purple, dark brown, or even black.

Most of the time, these circles are not a cause for concern, but they can be reduced cosmetically.

It is common for people to believe that dark circles on the eyes are caused by sleep deprivation and tiredness.

Sometimes, dark circles under the eyes signify the need to make changes in one’s lifestyle, such as improving sleep habits or eating habits.

5 Reasons For Dark Circles Under Eyes?


Dark circles beneath your eyes are also caused by natural aging. Thinner skin occurs as you age. Additionally, you lose the fat and collagen that keep your skin elastic. When this happens, the dark blood vessels under your skin become more visible, which darkens the area around your eyes.


The strain on your eyes from staring at a television or computer screen can be significant. Over time, the blood vessels around your eyes can enlarge because of this strain. This can lead to the darkening of the skin surrounding your eyes.


Having dark circles under your eyes is a common sign of dehydration. The skin beneath your eyes becomes dull and your eyes appear sunken when your body is not getting enough water. Since your eyes are so close to your bones, they appear sunken.


If you oversleep, are extremely tired, or stay up a bit after your usual bedtime, you may develop dark circles under your eyes. Dark tissues and blood vessels underneath your skin may become visible when you lack sleep, so your skin may appear dull and pale.

Additionally, lack of sleep can cause fluid to build under the eyes, making them appear puffy. As a result, you may see dark circles around your eyes that are shadows cast by puffy eyelids.

Sun overexposure

When exposed to the sun too much, your body produces excess melanin, the pigment that gives your skin color. If you spend too much time in the sun, the surrounding skin around your eyes may darken.

When to see a doctor?

If swelling and discolouration develop only under one eye, or if it seems to be getting worse with time, then you should see a doctor. 

So here are a few treatments on how to remove dark circles! 

After knowing the reasons, don’t worry we are not going to leave you hanging. Click here and get your personalized consultation.

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